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                iPad 截屏




                版本 3.60.000


                评@ 分及评论

                2.0(满分 5 分)
                21 个评分

                21 个评分

                What... Me worry?

                Latest update really screwed things up

                This app has been reasonably good until the latest update a couple of days ago. Now it barely functions. Aside the all of the controls moving around (why?) making it difficult to find the functions I want, it fails to connect to some of my cameras most of the time (even after tapping the retry icon). I have 18 cameras, and my display in this app is set to two pages of 4x4 grid. When I swipe to the second page to see the last 2 cameras, they usually don’t connect. Then when I swipe back to the first 16 camera view, none of them connect either. I have to kill the app and re-run it, and even then connections to cameras are still unreliable.

                To the developers... please don’t just randomly throw out the entire user interface in favor of a new one. If you really feel the need to do this, release it as a new app so existing users have an option to keep using the one they like. You’ve just made it very difficult for long-time users to use this app. I’d be willing to learn new button placement if the app even worked now, but it’s so unreliable now that it’s close to useless. This was my primary app for viewing live views of my 18 cameras, and now it’s broken! Judging from other recent reviews, I’m not the only one who no longer has a reliable app. Please put the old one back up in the App Store and once you have the bugs worked out of this one, release it under a new name!


                Loved it until Lates update

                This app is great up until yesterday when I did the app update. I use to have the ability to select from 6 camera view on my iPad. After the update they took that option out. Please put that option back. I like the big screen option on the left with the 5 little screens going around the right and bottom on the screen


                Oh No

                Just another feature enhancement from this garbage update. Now I have to go through several steps to pick a playback time on each camera instead of defaulting to midnight. Why not give us a choice on default time as long as everything is changing.

                Another new feature is when I have numerous motion detect recordings I can’t move forward. I have to play each one in its entirety and let it move forward. Sliding it to the next one usually reverts back to the first one. Just to make it interesting it doesn’t always do this...just most of the time.

                Why in the world was this update implemented?

                App 隐私

                开发者“ZHEJIANG DAHUA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.”尚未向 Apple 提供隐私规范和数据处理详情。 如需》更多信息,请参阅开发者隐】私政策


                开发ぷ者需在下一次提交 App 更新时提供隐私详情。


                216.8 MB

                系统要求:iOS 8.0 或更★高版本。兼容设备:iPad。


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